Got a billboard that’s no longer hanging out next to the interstate?
Maybe some banners leftover from that trade show or outdoor event a few months ago? 
What about those table covers from that seminar last year? 

It’d be a shame to just throw it away, so maybe all that material could see a second life as something useful.

That's our Upcycling Program.

We might be able to take that old billboard, banner, signage, or tablecloth and turn it into some bags or pouches that make unique, yet functional promotional products.
Let that old material continue to carry your brand in a whole new way.

What you'll need to do:

Fill out the Worksheet.

Our Project Assessment Worksheet will give us information about the physical properties of the material to be upcycled and what type(s) of product(s) you want us to make from your billboard, banner or other material.

What Numo will do:

Assessment & Confirmation

We'll look over your information, and confirm whether we think the project will be feasible. If som we'll get a project number assigned and ask you to send us a swatch of the material.

What you'll need to do:

Send us a sample.

A small piece of the material - about 12" x 12" - will help Numo determine the thickness, flexibility, printability and other properties to ensure it's something we can work with.

What Numo will do:

We'll prepare an estimate of yield and feasibility.

Once the sample piece is in-hand, Numo will determine which type(s) of products can be made from your material, with an estimate of deliverable quantities of and pricing product(s) the material can yield.

What you'll need to do:

We need your approval.

Once we agree on the physical details and yield estimate, we'll collect an engineering fee to get things moving along.

Ship your material to Numo.

Send us all the full-sheets or rolls of material to be used for making the products(s).

What Numo will do:

We'll hang the material for inspection.

We'll unroll/unfold the material and hang it up to check material condition and take measurements.

We'll locate and note any blemishes, grommets or other fixtures that need to be considered in production.

We'll take photos of the material.

These photos will be scaled and used to layout the marker (cutting plan) to determine the arrangement of product components, including how they will be aligned with any existing decortation or other features on the material.

We'll set up the Blocking and Markers.

Numo will determine the blocking (how the material will need to be cut to be able to fit the production equipment).

THe blocking will be combined with the marker and superimposed onto the photo(s) as a "digital proof".

This proof will also communicate the committed deliverables for the project.

What you'll need to do:

Choose the component colors.

You'll need to let us know what colors and styles you want for zipper, straps, hardware or any other components applicable to the iterms we'll be making

What Numo will do:

Clean & Prep.

We'll clean the material and remove any grommets, hems or fixtures that might cause trouble in production.

We'll make the products.

We'll cut, print (if applicable) and sew the panels together to make the products. They'll get package and shipped to your client.