Case Studies

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Colour Theory

All things bright and colorful found here. We developed this brand to highlight the different ways that we are capable of showing and utilizing color across our vast product offering.

50/50 Brewing Co.

Craft breweries are a trend that continue to grow with no end in sight. 50/50 Brewing Co. displays items best suited for this industry. Neoprene growler covers, beer bottle insulators, and Pilsner glasses are just the beginning.

Griffin Interiors

Real estate and interior design are fields that are often accompanied by some level of luxury. The materials and silhouettes shown here are a blend that can function as gifts for new homeowners or clients, leave-behinds, and all manner of incentives.

Volt Electric

This brand is representative of a service industry with a focus on good design. If your customer is looking for items that are diverse in appearance as well as functionality, this brand was designed to inspire you.


Conferences and festivals and major events often have rules and guidelines about the kinds of bags and items that can be brought into the venue. Here are some ideas to get you to the front of the line.


Altitude is a brand for the adventurer. It could be a ski resort, a lifestyle brand, or even a snowboard manufacturer. The products displayed for this brand reflect the rough and tumble nature of those who love getting lost in the wild.


Simple and sweet, this froyo shop has all the ingredients for beautiful and fun design. This brand allows us the ability to highlight some of our more unique items; the ice cream pint sleeve, aprons for young ones, and our wall pennants.

Eleventh Hour

Not every brand has to shout and clamor for attention. Eleventh Hour is a staffing company, or even an errand service developed to highlight the strength of our art department and our capabilities of working with more subtle brands and palettes.


Architecture is a precise, no-fuss field of work that is fueled by creativity. The materials we chose to highlight with this brand are diverse but all are used in a manner that brings the attention to the brand design.